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HQ Mount latest design of solar mounts in 2022 2022-04-13
HQ Mount latest design of solar mounts in 2022 - solar ballast mounts

The solar ballast mounting system has been developed into a general-purpose solar panel mounting system suitable for roofs and outdoor open ground. The unique and innovative design can easily and quickly connect multiple units to suit the actual requirements of various installation sites. The highly pre-installed technology eliminates the need for on-site cutting and welding, improving work efficiency. Solar ballast bracket, suitable for installation in low wind speed areas. Generally, in areas where the wind speed is below 23m/s, the plan is to solve the problem that the floor cannot be processed on the cement roof. Use bricks or cement blocks to compress and fix the bracket.

Product Name: Solar Ballast Mounting System
Easy installation and strong composability
Good compatibility, high accuracy
Flexible assembly, quality assurance

Technical parameter:
Installation Location: Roof or Outdoor
Installation angle: up to 60 degrees
Installation height: up to 20m
Wind resistance: 60m/s
Snow load: 1.4KN/㎡
Solar Panel Type: Framed
Component Arrangement: Vertical
Solar panel size: any
International Standards: Compliant with AS/NZS 1170 and other international standards
Support rail: aluminum alloy extrusion
Color: natural color

Quality Assurance: 12 Years Quality Assurance

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