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the transformation of energy supply structure 2022-03-31

The transformation of energy supply structure ——with resources as the premise and technology as the guarantee


In order to realize the development of the wind power photovoltaic industry, in addition to having abundant scenery resources, it is also necessary to overcome the difficulties of energy storage. The energy storage element is indispensable in the independent photovoltaic power generation system. The solar radiation energy is first converted into electrical energy through the photovoltaic array, and then converted by the power electronic converter to supply power to the load. At the same time, the excess electrical energy is stored in the energy storage device in the form of chemical energy after passing through the charge controller. At the same time, pv mounting brackets occupy an extremely important part in the entire photovoltaic system. Only panels and brackets with powerful technology can bring a safe and stable energy supply.


At present, the photovoltaic supply technology of many countries in the world has gradually matured. They give full play to the advantages of local resources. Photovoltaic power generation has solved the shortcomings of traditional energy supply for countries with high solar and thermal resources.


HQ Mount has more than ten years of experience in the design and manufacture of solar mounts, and has provided solar mount project support to various countries in the world. We will contribute to the world's environmental protection and energy conservation through our own efforts.

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