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HQ Mount Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition in Munich 2022-05-04

EES Europe, the international battery energy storage exhibition in Munich, Germany, is the world's leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners. The 2017 show focused on the world of new energy. One of the highlights is a special exhibit on Smart Renewable Energy. Other topics include solar photovoltaics (PV), new financing and business models for large-scale photovoltaic power plants, and the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic installations. Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and partners in the solar industry in Munich until 2 June. EUROPE - Europe's largest and most visited battery and energy storage exhibition in parallel.

90% of the exhibitors believe that the quality of the audience of EES Europe is much higher than that of other similar exhibitions. It is the solar energy exhibition with the best exhibiting effect, the most professional audience and the most complete industrial chain in the world. It is the first choice for exhibitors and visitors. Almost all of the world's top-ranked exhibitors attended the exhibition.

HQ Mount sincerely invites you to visit the exhibition, thank you for your interest in our solar panel mounting bracket!

Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition in Munich, Germany
Booth No.: A6.260F
Date:11th-13th May, 2022
Location: Munich International Expo Center, Germany

Although many solar mounting installation projects have been postponed due to the epidemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war, the market has only continued to increase. European countries need to find stable, safe and sustainable energy solutions. HQ Mount has been in the market for 12 years so far. Experience in designing and manufacturing solar mounting system,please feel free to contact us for both OEM/ODM service.

We look forward to meeting you at the Munich fair.

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