Full solution of three typical systems of photovoltaic + energy storage 2022-05-18

With the implementation of energy storage policies and energy storage incentives around the world, photovoltaic practitioners have gradually begun to talk about photovoltaic + system from talking about photovoltaic + system.

1. Optical storage + Charging pile
With the application of photovoltaic energy storage systems and the popularity of electric vehicles, the combination of the two has received extensive attention.

① Household light storage + Charging pile
Working logic: PV is given priority to household loads. If there is any remaining, the car will be charged when connected to an electric vehicle, and the energy storage battery will be charged when it is not connected to the car. After it is fully charged, it can be sold to the power grid. If it is not allowed to sell electricity, it can also be set on the mobile app to not sell electricity. At night, the energy storage battery is discharged for home load use. During a power outage, photovoltaics and batteries only supply off-grid loads.

② Photovoltaic Carport
The public photovoltaic energy storage carport not only satisfies the properties of the carport for sheltering from wind and rain, but also improves the spontaneous self-use rate of photovoltaics. When there is no vehicle charging, the photovoltaic power generation is stored in the battery, and the battery is discharged to charge the electric vehicle when needed.

2. Optical storage + BIPV
The combination of optical storage system and BIPV can not only maintain the beauty and safety of the building, but also deeply integrate into green power.
At present, HQ Mount has helped to establish BIPV solar photovoltaic mounting systems in Europe and many countries in North America and South America. The supply of solar mounting brackets will only increase in the future.

3. Photovoltaic storage + Community photovoltaic
Community photovoltaics are currently widely used overseas. The following case is the community photovoltaic storage project of HQ Mount in the United States.

The project involved 62 households and installed a total of 800kWp photovoltaics and 1.5MWh batteries. Each household's optical storage system is given priority for self-use, the surplus electricity is shared (sold), and the insufficient part is taken from the DC bus. The system is uniformly dispatched by the EMS system.

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