In 2022, Chinese enterprises' new energy exports will continue to grow 2022-04-11

In 2022, Chinese enterprises' new energy exports will continue to grow

According to the annual list of China's top 20 photovoltaic support companies, from 2015 to 2020, the global shipments of China's major photovoltaic support companies have shown a fluctuating upward trend, and will increase significantly in 2020. In 2017, the global shipments of photovoltaic brackets by major companies reached 27,834MW, and there was a certain decline in the following two years. In 2020, due to the global investment boom in new energy, the increase in global photovoltaic

installed capacity has led to a significant increase in the shipment of photovoltaic brackets, reaching 43,286MW.

Due to the problems of limited project site and general lighting conditions (located in industrial living areas) in distributed photovoltaic power station projects, it is not economical to install tracking brackets, so fixed brackets or BIPV (Building Integrated PV) products are usually used. Among them, BIPV products are suitable for most buildings, such as flat roofs, sloping roofs, curtain walls, ceilings, etc., which can be installed, making BIPV gradually become a mainstream photovoltaic installation trend. It can be said that BIPV has realized various forms of photovoltaic construction.

In recent years, the proportion of tracking brackets in centralized photovoltaic power plants has steadily increased due to its power generation gain advantages. From the perspective of the development trend of centralized and distributed photovoltaic power plants, the increase in the proportion of centralized photovoltaic power plants at this stage will help track the popularity of bracket applications. In the long run, the recovery of the proportion of distributed photovoltaic power plants will increase the market space for fixed brackets and BIPV products. The technology and market competitiveness of BIPV products will have an important impact on the operating performance of photovoltaic support manufacturers. In 2020, China's total installed photovoltaic capacity will return to a growth trend, which has a strong supporting role for photovoltaic brackets and other accessories. With the gradual advancement of energy conservation and emission reduction strategies around the world, the importance of new energy will be further enhanced, and the demand for photovoltaic brackets is expected to continue to grow.

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